A Guide to Hosting Tech Events In Las Vegas


I’m a proud member of Vegas Tech and great things are happening in the tech community. What you’ll find in any thriving tech community is that throughout the month extremely passionate people are hosting panel events, hackathons, meetups, Skillshare classes, and tech conferences.

I’ve curated a list of the venues available in Las Vegas from events I’ve either attended or hosted via Vegas Hack. Feel free to send additions to this list to kyle@startatgo.com.

inNEVation Center | 6795 Edmond Street

Great For: Speakers, Meetups, Panel Events, Hackathons, Skillshare classes

Capacity: The biggest room holds about 140 people and they can live stream whatever event is happening in the main room into 2 over flow rooms which is probably another 75 people.

Point Person: Alexis Glaser | lexi@InNEVation.com

Website: “One-of-a-kind public/private conference, collaboration & coworking environment created by Switch. Mission – to boost and diversify Nevada’s economy.”

Work In Progress | 317 S 6th Street

Great For: Hackathons, Meetups, Speaker Panels, Skillshare classes, Co-Working

Capacity: 40 in the main classroom, 100-150 in the garage

Point Person: Sara Vainer | sara@workinprogress.lv

Website: “We curate events the are designed to inspire, educate and empower our members to do amazing things. Speakers, fireside chats, field trips and more are available to our members for a modest cost, often free.”

Learning Village | 727 Fremont Street

Great For: Hackathons, Educational Events, Meetups, Special Events

Capacity: Approximately 100 in one of the largest buildings

Point Person:  learningvillage@downtownproject.com

The Beat | 520 Fremont Street

Great For: Trivia Night, Meetups, Mixers

Capacity: It’s a wide range depending on how much of the building you wanted to utilize. About 200 on a flow, if it was an all night thing. Just inside The Beat,  approximately 50 people for say Trivia night.

Point Person: Jennifer Cornthwaite | downtownjennifer@gmail.com

Usr/Lib | 520 Fremont Street

Great For: Meetups, Skillshare classes, Co-Working, Vegas Jelly

Capacity: 30 in the classroom, 40-50 in the library

Point Person: Sara Vainer | sara@workinprogress.lv

Downtown Cocktail Room | 111 S Las Vegas Blvd

Great For:  Mixers, Great Drinks

Capacity: Downtown caters to any size group up to 150 people (up to 250 on a flow).

Point Person: Michael | michael@downtownlv.com

Website: “Our extremely competitive bar packages, attentive staff, and intimate atmosphere will keep you comfortable, relaxed, and entertained any time of day or night. We can custom create cocktail(s) for any size events. If interested, just ask. 120 of your closest friends for the price of a few tables at a nightclub! Packages start at $5000.00 for open bar, DJ, staff, and security included for 3-5 hours.”

Coming Fall 2013: The Inspire Theater



Reaching Out to Strategic Partners

It’s important to find out what is your potential partner’s priorities are at that moment in time. You’ll have the ammunition you need to intelligently speak their language and address their needs. If you don’t take the time to learn what is going on behind the wall’s of the organization (there are things you just wouldn’t know), you’ll be wasting your time and theirs.

To identify partnerships with promise, have a deep understanding of the strengths, weaknesses, and priorities of potential partners. Only then can you know if you’re presenting something they care about. Once you know what’s important to them, you can bring meaningful ideas to the table that will accomplish a win-win.

Inbox Zero Policy

Inbox-zeroWork your email inbox, don’t let your email inbox work you. Conquering email is a daily task, I usually reclaim my inbox by keeping my inbox at zero each day:

  1. Archive - Do this first. Emails that fall into the ‘Don’t need to read right now’ category. 
  2. Create Rules or Filters - This for recurring emails that come in that do not require your immediate response and you don’t need to see them in your inbox. The search function allows you to find what you need if you ever need it.
  3. Follow Up - Respond to every single email that requires it. Write concise emails and move on to the next. Long emails take longer to write and read.

You must have an empty inbox at the end of every day. No exceptions.

Sins of Data: Texas Sharp Shooter Fallacy


When drawing conclusions about data, do you ever ask “where is the flaw in the logic?”

Data driven business development is the combination of using business intelligence to execute partnerships and ventures to drive business forward. When you insert bias into business intelligence you could end up with logical fallacies. This could lead you to believe an opportunity is larger or smaller than it appears.

Texas Sharp Shooter Fallacy: informal fallacy in which pieces of information -  bullet holes or sales data - that have no relationship to one another are called out for their similarities.

A famous marksman fires his gun randomly at the side of a barn. Then he takes a can of paint and draws bulls-eyes around all the places his bullets happened to hit. People walk by the barn and say, ‘Goodness, he is good!” This is obviously not a good thing, but amazingly easy to fall into this trap.

Be very careful about looking at your data, drawing a conclusion, and then saying how probable was that to have occurred? You may be drawing a bulls-eye around something that’s already there.

The Deals We Don’t Do

u-turnWith all the time spent looking for win-wins, when you decide not to move forward with a potential partnership, it’s also a win. The deals we don’t do are wins for two reasons (1) you avoid potential dead weight deals (2) you learn a lot from due diligence and testing.

You also get the time to go after new opportunities. While it may not be the type of win that equals added growth to your company, it can be meaningful in many ways:

  • Take the research you’ve done to scope an opportunity and play it forward towards similar directional concepts that may lead to win-wins. 
  • Use it as an opportunity to look at your pipeline again. Who is in a position to provide what you need to make this work?
  • Look at recent data on your targets to recognize any new leverage opportunities that may now exist. Are there any specific priorities (capital efficiency, cost control, revenue growth) that you now need to address? 
  • Strengthen ties with existing partners and create new ones.